Torch Associates has over 40 years of consulting experience in the design, engineering, and performance certification of compressed air systems quality. We have the expertise to improve compressed air system performance.

Bill Bowers, managing partner, founded Torch Associates, LLC in 2004. To date, Bowers has supervised and completed compressed air quality test and root cause analysis at over 152 production facilities including most of the automotive paint shops in North America. Clients include FCA, Ford, GM, Honda, Toyota, DTE Power Plants, and DTE Energy Services.

Our consultations have improved compressed air system performance at multiple locations across North America. We’ve provided services for:

  • FCA at their Toledo North Assembly, Toluca, Mexico, Warren Truck and Windsor Assembly
  • Ford at their Mazda Auto Alliance, Dearborn Assembly, Michigan Assembly, and Ohio Assembly Plant
  • GM at their Arlington, Oshawa, Orion Assembly, and Saginaw Metal Cast Operations
  • Honda Alliston and multiple Toyota facilities across North America

Our consulting expertise includes air compressor intake filtration, air compressor selection, condensate removal, review of all designs of refrigerant and twin tower compressed air driers, PLC and HMI Controls, compressed air purifiers, and Turbine oil mist extraction to meet state and federal environmental regulations.

Torch Associates Projects include:

  1. Comprehensive compressed air quality survey for FCA Belvidere and Sterling Heights Assembly Plants.
  2. Consult on the air dryer upgrade specifications for the energy centers at FCA Jefferson North and GM Orion Assembly Plants.
  3. Compressed air survey and consultation to correct compressed air quality concerns at the FCA Chelsea Proving Grounds.
  4. Redesign of dryer systems at FCA SHAP, JNAP, FORD MAP, DTP, GM SLP, Nissan and Honda

Torch Associates appreciates the opportunity to work on your compressed air systems application.